The Most Extreme Motorbike Race Events on Earth

The Most Extreme Motorbike Race Events on Earth

Whether you’re into Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, or any
of the rest, it’s hard to deny that bike-racing is so much more than just a
part-time hobby. For most of us, it becomes a full-time sport and a competitive
one at that.

Bike-racing is something that pushes your mind, body, and
emotions to the absolute limits, making it one of the most demanding and
dangerous extreme sports you can take part in. Of the thousands of different
biking races and tournament worldwide, there are a select few which can truly
be classed as global sporting events.

These are the events that offer millions of dollars in
prize money, draw crowds of tens of thousands of people, and invariably make
headlines all around the world. One thing that all of these major sporting
events have in common is that they tend to veer on the extreme side of
motorbike racing, offering maximum adrenaline and maximum danger.

This is, of course. why these races draw such huge crowds.
Everybody is attracted to danger, not just the bike riders themselves but also
the audience. If you want to know which motorbike racing events are the most
extreme in the entire world, read on to find out. 

Peak International Hill Climb 

Source: Pixabay

One of the most famous motorcycling races in the world and
America’s oldest, having started back in 1916, the PPIHC, also known as The
Race to the Clouds, takes biking to a whole other level. The goal of this
grueling race is to get your bike to the summit of Pikes Peak, a 4720ft
mountain in the heart of the Rockies.

The track is over 12 miles long and attracts some of the
best racers from all around the world, all vying for the $50,000 grand prize.
Although this certainly counts as an extreme race by anyone’s standards, it
used to be considerably more so.

Back when the race first started there was no paved track
at all, meaning that the race was essentially an off-road dirt biking marathon.
Naturally, injuries and fatalities were high. Back in 2011, they finally
finished paving a proper track up the mountain, allowing superbikes to take
part as well.

The current record finish-time was set in 2017 when a KTM
Super Duke 1290 R bike made it to the top in just under 10 minutes. 

Erzburg Rodeo 

Source: Pixabay

The largest enduro event in Europe and possibly the entire
world, the Erzburg Rodeo takes place in the vast mining quarries of Styria in
Austria every May. The event regularly attracts the most famous and
highly-skilled enduro riders from all around the world, putting their abilities
to the absolute limit as they must traverse near-vertical climbs up incredibly
difficult terrain consisting largely of ore.

One of the most epic aspects of the race is the mass start;
over 500 riders compete with each other from the exact same starting point,
with only a few ever making it to the end of the grueling four-hour race. The
location changes every year but it is always a giant quarry in the same region
of the heavily-mined Austrian countryside, meaning riders have to navigate
deadly cliff-edges and highly unstable tracks.

Last year’s winner was UK enduro legend Graham Jarvis,
who won the Rodeo with the help of his trusty Husqvarna bike. Jarvis has won
the Rodeo for four out of the last five years. 

The Isle
of Man TT 

Source: Pixabay

Quite possibly the most notorious bike racing event in the
world by virtue of its sheer brutality. Over the 112 years that this annual
event has been running, a jaw-dropping 247 bikers have lost their lives, making
this by far and away the most dangerous bike racing tournament on Earth.

Nonetheless. people flock in droves to witness this
white-knuckle race, with the Isle of Man basically coming to a complete
standstill during the weekend that the TT usually runs. Millions of people
worldwide tune in on TV or try to get in on the action with online betting,
with bookies even offering odds on how many crashes there’ll be in the race.

All of the major betting platforms offer up-to-date odds on
the Isle of Man TT, with betting comparison platforms even showing where to get
free bets and bonus credits
. Every June the picturesque Isle of Man
turns into an arena of biking carnage, one that is truly unmissable. 

Paris-Dakar Rally 

Source: Pixabay

As far as biking racing goes, it doesn’t get more ambitious
than the Paris-Dakar Rally. Starting in 1977, this 5000-mile race features only
the toughest off-road biking machines. Although the location has changed in
recent years, the original race which ran for over three decades started in the
French capital and required contestants to race their way through over a dozen
countries to the capital of the African country of Senegal.

The race took place through searing heat and unforgivable
desert terrain, with an extraordinarily high level of injuries and casualties.
These days the action has moved to South America due to safety concerns, but
that doesn’t make the rally any less intense. It typically kicks off in the
Peruvian city of Lima and finishes at the southern end of Argentina, typically
taking several days to complete.

Unlike the other races featured on this list, the rally is
open to amateurs as well as experienced professionals, with
over 80% of the contestants
typically consisting of amateur bikers.
There’s no denying that this is one of the most exciting sporting events on

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just a fan of the
sport, these events offer thrills that just can’t be had anywhere else. Mark
them in your calendar and make sure to stay tuned in the year ahead. 


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