Sport Bike Essential Protective Gear

Nothing beats riding a sport bike with the wind on your hair, the open road in front of you and the beautiful scenery passing the corner of your eyes. Some people consider owning a sport bike as one of the best things that they have ever purchased. However, statistics has shown that motorcycle accidents have increased 89% from 1997 and that those involved are usually aged 20 to 29.

The high rate of motorcycle road crashes can be alarming so imagine what a high-speed sport bike would fare in terms of crashes and accidents. It’s not therefore a matter of question that protective gear be used and prioritized to prevent the fatal consequences of motorcycle accidents.

1. The Helmet

The all-essential helmet is the most important protective gear for any serious sport bike rider. Full face helmets are usually required and can protect the head better than open-face ones. High impact lightweight helmets are popular but the important features for a good helmet include its ability to absorb shock, a comfortable internal lining and a tear resistant face shield. Make sure that the helmet can also be removed easily and that it has a cooling system that will allow your face to breathe.

2. The Knee straps and braces

This gear is important to prevent any injury to the knee, calves and lower part of the thigh. Make sure that you pick a high quality knee brace that is lightweight as it is durable. Some braces use velcro for straps but this is not advisable. Choose pull on designs that can securely fasten the brace to your knee and can comfortably compress the brace to your knee to prevent it from moving or shifting.

3. The Gloves

Gloves can protect your hands from scratches and gashes. Since they are the ones most likely to borne the impact of any crash, make sure that they are sheathed with gloves made of leather or high-quality synthetic material. The better ones are perforated for ventilation and have a comfortable inner lining to prevent the palms from sweating. Some gloves come fingerless, while others fully-cover the whole hand. Make sure though that they fit you well and the straps holds the glove in place.

4. The Jacket

Primarily, jackets are more for style than they are used to protect the body from injury. Today, however, more and more jackets are produced with protection as the primary purpose. The exterior may be made of leather or of a synthetic material, but inside, the jacket is stuffed full of pads to protect the shoulders, elbows and chest from injuries. It also functions as a reflector for sport bike fanatics who take out their bikes in the evening.

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