Getting the acceleration analysis for MotoGP bikes

Getting the acceleration analysis for MotoGP bikes

Recently a new record is set by Andrea Dovizioso for the maximum speed at the Mugello by setting a speed  of 356.5 km/h on a Factory Ducati.  The previous record of 354.9 km/h was crashed by him which was set in 2016, also at the Italian Circuit. Top speed have been recorded from the introduction of the four-stroke era in the premier class back in 2002 and a steep increase is always recorded from that of two-strokes could achieve from their ferocious small capacity motors. The motogp bike specs for all the times have remained on a level upper when compared to the street legal bikes.

The speeds at some of the faster tracks like Catalunya and Mugello, reached a level of 330 km/h. Drona became concerned and recognized that these speeds could present an unnecessary safety risk in a sport that always look that dangerous. And after that from 2007, Drona slowed down all of the bikes by introducing a new regulations that included the engine sizes to shrunk down from 990cc to 800cc. The main idea behind this regulation is that the smaller engine and decreasing the motogp bikes specs will have less potential to make the kind of power that would give the speed to the bike that was given by a 990 cc motor. And this is what happened that the bike slowed down by 20 km/h as compared to the 990 cc predecessors.

But the fact didn’t remained that true for that long as the 800 cc bikes started reaching to the levels of speed of a 990 cc bike that they had superseded. Due to these engines proved to be more dangerous than those previous engine.

It was said that the fastest 800 cc bikes were making their peak power at 20,000 rpm. Drona just tried to make the engines smaller but the technicians made the smaller engines spin harder and a result make more power.

It’s hard to say and comprehend something having more power and acceleration than one of those ballistic and evocative smelling bikes – but the bikes of these days are even faster by 38 km/h, the figure that is quite astonishing.

From the time when the four stroke bikes have replaced those two bangers MotoGP bikes have been stated to make  more than 250 hp , its being an an unchanging figure putted out numerous times by bike publications told by MotoGP teams and insiders.

The motogp bikes specs these days are just astonishing and mesmerizing for all those bike lovers and the ones who are interested in these bikes can even try them out to get the taste of these bikes as many changes can be done to the street legal version of these bikes can be made to reach at that level.

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