Best Commuter Bikes in India

Best Commuter Bikes in India

Everyone knows that Indians love their motorcycles. Being great in fuel economy and easy to maintain they are cheap to run. And even the prices are low making it more affordable to buy. There is always an ease offered by bikes to cover different terrains by the bikes which helps India to move a little faster. And even in some of the semi-urban and rural areas people prefer to opt out the bikes over the four wheeler for transportation. Here are 5 of the best commuter bike in india that are loved all over India.

Honda Splendor iSmart+

Splendor from the company Hero Motocorp is a well known name in the the list of best commuter bike in india for a very long period of time. And for that place it is continuing to hold that place with a cherry on top as the iSmart+ technology. So as per what the iSmart+ technology does is that whenever you stand or stop somewhere and press the clutch then bike automatically switches off and the next time when you need to start the bike you just need to press the clutch and the bike is started. The company calls it the i3S technology.

TVS Radeon

This bike is completely developed keeping in mind the typical consumers of India giving it a unique design which prevents it from damages and scratches. The iron chassis and the metal body gives it an advantage from the other bikes. The bike gets a chrome surrounding headlamps, LED daytime running lights, car like twin pod instrument cluster and a tank grip. Where this bike gives a top level than other bikes is the higher ground clearance and the longest wheelbase meaning that it can clear those higher speed breaker easier without scraping the lower portion of the bike.

Bajaj CT100

Coming under a very accessible price tag and giving a whooping number as the fuel efficiency this bike ensures providing happiness to the home a middle class family as comes at a lower price and provides a easier mode of transportation for the family. And over the course of period for which it is on sale it has reached to a milestone of 50 lakh customers. This bike comes with twin spring in rear suspension to get across the different terrains and a longer wheelbase with wider rear tyre at the rear.

Honda CB Shine

The family of CB Shine from the company Honda is the highest selling 125cc motorcycle category in India. Their is an option of front disc brake that is added to the bike to increase the safety of the bike. The bike also comes with a seal chain that has low maintenance and tubeless tyres. The tyre at the rear is a special HET tyre which has a low rolling resistance.

So these are the best commuter bike in india that everyone prefers while going for a reliable and fuel efficient option for the daily transportation. Hope you would have get any of the bike discussed above cleared in your mind and in case of any doubt feel free to reach us by filling the Contact Us form.

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