5 Reasons to Buy a Naked Bike

The “Naked” or “Street Fighter” motorcycle has become one of the most common types of motorcycles on the road, but what the heck is a naked bike exactly? The naked bike isn’t that different than your typical motorcycle as its still an engine on two wheels. The naked motorcycles are usually recognized by their upright riding position – which is between the reclining position of a cruiser and the extreme leaning forward position of a sport bike- and of course the lack of fairing.

With the naked bike gaining popularity within the motorcycle industry,we have come up with 5 reasons why you should be riding one!

5 – Great Pricing:

One of the top reasons why we think you should ride a naked bike is because they are extremely affordable and inexpensive. The initial cost for a standard naked bike can be significantly lower than other motorcycle models. The naked bike is especially appealing to new riders because you are getting a standard motorcycle without the high price tag. A Honda CB300F will retail for just over $4,000, the Yamaha FZ-07 is listed at $7,199, and the Suzuki GSX 750 is just under $9,000.Not only is it inexpensive in price, but its maintenance costs less in the long run. Having less stuff on the bike means fewer things needed to be fixed or replaced. All said you will certainly get your money’s worth with a naked bike.

4 – Comfort & Practicality:

 This is normally not a concept that most people associate with motorcycles, however, a naked bike is a “practical” mode of transportation because they tend to be on the slightly smaller size. They fit comfortably in a small garage and are very easy to park on the street due to their lighter weight. Add the thinner frames and lack of fairings and the bike tends to be easier to maneuver through traffic. The rider will be quite comfortable being in the upright seating position as that position offers some of the best sight lines of what is happening in front of them.

3 – Performance:

Naked bikes have a perfect weight to power ratio which in turn does not take too much strength or skill to control the bike in the beginning.  They are such a blast to ride because they are incredibly powerful and fast with some excellent acceleration on the open road. This is partly due to the bike being much lighter than other motorcycles because they have fewer materials and equipment on them. Although they are not as fast as sport bikes, the naked bike can move when necessary and can easily top 100 miles per hour when needed.

2 – Latest Technology:

With the naked bike growing in popularity, corporate competition and technology improvements have turned these motorcycles into what they are today. While all bikes have different speeds, 150 mph seems to be the peak for most of them. The ability for the rider to be in the upright position gives the rider a stronger sense of confidence. The raised handlebars nudge the bike’s center of gravity away from the fulcrum spinning around the front axle, allowing a massive increase in braking efficiency. With fuel injection, digital displays, traction control options, available ABS, cruise control, throttle by wire…the list goes on and on but the technology is all there varying on which brand and model you choose!

1 – Best of Both Worlds:

The naked bike is an ideal motorcycle to have because you are definitely getting the best of both worlds; the comfort of a cruiser and the acceleration and thrill of a sport bike. If you are looking to use this naked bike for your daily commute around the city the upright seating position gives you the comfort you need to have a smooth ride. However, the naked bike can also provide the fast speed for a fun and exciting thrill that a sport bike offers.

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